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Table 6 Key actors involved in supervision of CHWs in Sierra Leone, Liberia and DRC

From: How should community health workers in fragile contexts be supported: qualitative evidence from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Democratic Republic of Congo

Sierra Leone



Peer supervisor (CHWs with additional training): monthly visits to observe the CHWs work, check drug supplies and reports and coordinate monthly meeting of CHWs at Peripheral Health Unit.

CHSS: provides field-based supervision to 10 CHWs working in remote catchment communities, collates reports from CHWs and takes to the facility.

Chair of CHW group: organises monthly meetings, reports to the head nurse, who then reports to the District Health Office.

Peripheral health unit manager: regular visits to each CHW, attend monthly CHW meeting, provide advice and training to CHW, distribute drugs and supplies, compiles CHWs reports and sends to District CHW focal person.

Facility Manager: checks CHWs reports and clarify any issues, and report to the district health team.

Facility head nurse: regular visits to observe CHW work and records, provide training when needed such as implementing a specific programme or when a health problem increases.

District CHW focal person: provides training, visits the CHWs and the peer supervisors, collates reports from facilities and compiles district report for District Health Office and National Hub.