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Table 1 Summary of CTC provider demographics and sampling methods employed across all six study locations

From: Measuring motivation among close-to-community health workers: developing the CTC Provider Motivational Indicator Scale across six countries

  Bangladesh Ethiopia Indonesia Kenya Malawi Mozambique
Close-to-community provider acronym and basic typology CTC health provider (volunteers) HEW (government payroll) Village midwives (government payroll)/kaders (volunteers) CHEW (government payroll)/CHV (volunteers) HSA (government payroll) APE (volunteers)
Sampling method Convenience Convenience Convenience Convenience Random Convenience
Language Bangla Amharic Basha-Indonesia English, Swahili, Kamba Chichewa Portuguese, Ronga, Changane
Sample size 119 108 230 51 124 78
Sex (female, %) 75.6 100 97.0 76.5 38.7 61.5
Completed secondary education (%) 12.3 99.1 28.3 34.1 79.5 0
  1. CHW community health worker, CTC close-to-community, HEW health extension worker, CHEW community health extension worker, HSA health surveillance assistant, APE Agentes polivalentes elementares, SD standard deviation