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Table 6 Standardised and unstandardised factor loadings (standard errors) for the final version of the CTC Provider Motivation Scale, with the remaining randomly selected sample of n = 350 CTC providers

From: Measuring motivation among close-to-community health workers: developing the CTC Provider Motivational Indicator Scale across six countries

Item β B SE
 I am satisfied that I accomplish something worthwhile with my work. .63 1.00
 I am satisfied with the positive impact of my work. .68 1.21 .17
 I am satisfied with the support I receive from my colleagues. .51 0.93 .17
 I am satisfied with the community thanks and recognition I receive for my work. .68 1.19 .18
Organisational commitment
 I am proud to be working for my organisation as a CTC provider. .91 1.00
 My organisation really inspires me to do the very best on the job. .27 .42 .16
Community commitment
 I am proud to be working for my community. .85 1.00
 My community inspires me to do the very best I can for them. .59 .95 .11
Work conscientiousness
 I can be relied upon at work. .71 1.00
 I always complete my tasks efficiently and correctly. .68 .88 .09
 I take initiatives to do things without being asked or told. .72 .95 .12
 I am a hard worker. .76 1.04 .09
  1. All factor loadings are statistically significant (P < 0.05). β = standardised coefficient. B = unstandardised coefficient