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Table 2 Representative themes and quotes after a telementoring intervention for HIV healthcare workers in Namibia, by respondent type

From: Implementation and evaluation of a Project ECHO telementoring program for the Namibian HIV workforce

Theme Sub-theme Respondent type Representative quote
Clinical Relevance Immediate application Nurse
“What I have learned from the discussion I have put in practice every day because it will help me.”
“We [who work together] discuss after the ECHO session the same day or the next day. We used to talk about things that we learned, and we see also where we can incorporate some of these things [presented in the ECHO sessions] into our own clinics. So it was just amongst us as a group working at the ART clinic.”
“After the session we used to discuss and give examples that we have come across within our Centre with our patients.”
Improved Practice Task sharing Nurse
Pharmacy Assistant
“The reason I attend these ECHO session [is] it helps me manage some of these minor cases which cannot be attended to/cannot send to doctor, but the major cases we send to doctors, it helps a lot.”
“Now we can monitor the [patient’s] viral load by even giving health education to our patients … nurses can attend [to this] now, not only referring them to the doctors.”
  Peer Learning Pharmacy Assistant
“It [ECHO] is very important, you are getting a lot of ideas from each other, you are sharing ideas, and you are also knowing what you do not know from others.”
“The other thing about participating, it is ...about networking also, to help us to know who is doing what…so if I have a problem I know who to consult, who to talk to or refer the patient with.”
Training type Distance learning Physician
Pharmacy Assistant
“I think it is a very good program especially for us who are a bit far from the capital city where we cannot attend all of the trainings.”
“…With a workshop, it is only one or two people who can attend from the whole facility, but with ECHO, a lot can attend and can have also [share] ideas. One person can go to the workshop and he/she might not give clear feedback from what he/she really got from the workshop.”
“ECHO is good because it saves money [as opposed to] workshops where people [are] supposed to travel long distances and book accommodations. But with ECHO you are at your working place, you take your available time to attend and then you get the information.”