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Table 2 Example of an analysis process from a unit of analysis to generic category

From: Midwives’ challenges and factors that motivate them to remain in their workplace in the Democratic Republic of Congo—an interview study

Unit of analysis Open code Subcategory Generic category
It is our gift to do this, to help the population, to help the women. Helping the people Building relationships with the women and the community Midwifery is not just a profession; it’s a calling
Love for our country and the population is a strong motivating factor for our work. Love for the people
We want to receive a good salary, a fair salary for the work we do. Lack of appropriate payment for the work No equitable remuneration system Unsupportive organisational system
We receive US$ 5/month. We cannot live on our salary; we have to work the fields on our days off. Salary insufficient for daily life