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Table 1 Auditable indications based on national protocols

From: Impact of Medical Doctors Global Health and Tropical Medicine on decision-making in caesarean section: a pre- and post-implementation study in a rural hospital in Malawi

Indication Criteria
Indications related to prolonged labour
For example:
Obstructed labour (as an extreme form of prolonged labour)
Cephalopelvic disproportion
Prolonged first stage of labour
Prolonged second stage of labour
Cervical dystocia
Oedematous cervix
Prolonged 1st stage = non-progressing dilatation > 2 h in case of ruptured membranes + at least three moderate contractions/10 min.
Prolonged 2nd stage = duration second stage > 1 h
Foetal distress Foetal heart rate < 110 or > 170 beats per minute for > 1 min on intermittent auscultation, in between contractions.
Foetal malpresentation Perioperative foetal presentation =
Brow presentation
Face presentation (mento-posterior)
Compound presentation
Two or more previous scars Two or more previous caesarean sections documented in history in partograph