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Table 3 the parameters for which sensitivity analysis was conducted, and the sensitivity ranges

From: Projecting supply and demand for pharmacists in pharmacies based on the number of prescriptions and system dynamics modeling

  Model inputs
Lower case Base case Upper case
The number of prescriptions per pharmacists per day 15 17.6 25
Birth rate and death rate for population projection Future demand for pharmacists was calculated by using future population projection in low-birth and high death rate scenario, and high-birth and low-death rate scenario [8]
National exam pass rate 0.638 (1st time)
0.493 (2nd time and after)
0.738 (1st time)
0.593 (2nd time and after)
0.838 (1st time)
0.693 (2nd time and after)
Enrollments 360 399.8 440
Attrition rate 0.002 0.007 0.012
The number of prescriptions per person by age group 0.9 × base case Calculated by dividing the total number of prescriptions by age groups by the population in the same age groups 1.1 × base case