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Table 1 Reflective question for policy and legal environment exploration

From: Interprofessional education and collaborative practice policies and law: an international review and reflective questions

Education sector  
  Higher education organizational structure Where are health professionals trained?
How are higher education institutions created?
Do higher education institutions have a governmental mandate to teach IPE?
  Higher education accreditation structure Do higher education healthcare programs have an obligation to be accredited either following a legal obligation or a policy recommendation?
  Higher education accreditation content If education programs/curricula are accredited, are their accreditation standards linked to IPE?
Labor market sector
  Health professional system regulation and internal structure How are health professions regulated?
How is the scope of practice regulated?
How are health profession regulations enforced within the professional system?
  Healthcare continuum and healthcare facility accessibility How can the patient access specialized care or in-hospital treatment?
How is the in-hospital care episode managed?
How is the continuum of care managed between in-hospital care and community-based care?
  Health professional and civil liability or torts How is the liability or tort system applicable to healthcare professionals or facilities?
How is the “standard of care” determined (how is the action of one professional analyzed by judges or jurists)?
Is there an obligation for liability insurance coverage for health professionals and/or healthcare facilities?
  Healthcare facility internal policy for professional labor What is the employment relationship between healthcare employers (facilities) and healthcare professionals?
How are care activities determined or attributed within one healthcare facility?
  Healthcare facility accreditation structure and content Is there an obligation for healthcare facilities to undergo an accreditation process before accepting patients or give care?
Is there a specific accreditation standard or wording within different standards to mandate IPC or healthcare teams?