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Table 1 Terms of reference of the hospital-based expediter of logistic TB matters—Beira, Mozambique

From: Using hospital auxiliary worker and 24-h TB services as potential tools to overcome in-hospital TB delays: a quasi-experimental study

In collaboration with medical doctors, to identify TB suspected patients in the emergency room or in the medical wards daily (24 h per day) and ensure that sputum request form is correctly filled out, sputum sample is immediately collected at admission point and sent to TB laboratory as soon as possible. If the result of sputum examination through “on-the-spot strategy” is negative, another sputum sample must be collected in the next morning and send to the TB laboratory as soon as it is collected.
In collaboration with laboratory technicians, collect sputum smear microscopy or Xpert MTB/RIF results from the TB laboratory, in every 3 h, and give them immediately to medical doctors in order to ensure early treatment initiation for those patients with positive MTB.
To ensure the provision of the N95 masks and prompt isolation of all pulmonary TB patients as soon as the diagnosis is made, taking them out from emergency room/general medical ward directly to the TB ward.
In collaboration with medical ward nurses, to ensure personalize psychosocial support and conclusion of evidence-based curriculum of TB patient education (within 3 days) to all TB patients (including their families and visitors whenever possible) about the misunderstanding of the TB, its cause, modes of transmission and prevention, treatment and related side effects, reasons for 6-month period (or more) of TB treatment, and the consequences of giving TB treatment up.