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Table 3 Intervention and hospital outcomes in Beira and Nampula Central Hospitals, Mozambique

From: Using hospital auxiliary worker and 24-h TB services as potential tools to overcome in-hospital TB delays: a quasi-experimental study

Outcome measuresBefore interventionBefore intervention
Control site%Intervention site%P valueControl site%Intervention site%P value
Sputum sample collection site 
 Admission point76.098.70.395128.814184.40.001
 Medical ward10994.09491.312491.22615.6
TB diagnosis after hospital admission 
 Median time of 1 day65.276.80.51796.614184.40.001
 Median time of 10 days11094.89693.212793.42615.6
TB treatment initiation after hospital admission 
 Median time of 1 day65.276.80.90185.915693.40.001
 Median time of 14 days11094.89693.212894.1116.6
Health outcome among TB patients 
 Hospital discharge6253.44745.60.0936950.714687.40.001
 Hospital deaths5446.65654.46749.32112.6