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Table 4 Implementation outcomes and its correlates in Beira and Nampula Central Hospitals, Mozambique

From: Using hospital auxiliary worker and 24-h TB services as potential tools to overcome in-hospital TB delays: a quasi-experimental study

Outcome measuresBefore interventionP valueAfter interventionP value
Adjusted odds ratio (aOR)95% CI (min-max)Adjusted odds ratio (aOR)95% CI (min-max)
Sputum sample collection site [reference, control hospital]
 Admission point0.960.01–2.070.81110.979.48–11.790.001
Lab TB diagnosis [reference, control hospital]
 Median time of 1 day0.830.05–1.900.6289.217.52–12.110.001
TB treatment initiation [reference, control hospital]
 Median time of 1 day1.010.61–2.990.5536.034.71–8.930.001
Health outcome [reference, intervention hospital]
 Hospital deaths1.290.83–2.420.7798.315.93–10.710.001