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Table 1 Interview script

From: Attitudes of anesthetists towards an anesthesia-led nurse practitioner model for low-risk colonoscopy procedures: a cross-sectional survey

We are testing a hypothetical model to determine the acceptability of an anesthesia-led nurse sedation model. The proposed model is that a consultant anesthetist is responsible for providing 1:2 supervision for trained registered nurses providing procedural sedation (including propofol) for low-anesthetic risk patients undergoing colonoscopy.
You recently completed an online survey that asked explored your levels of agreement or disagreement with six statements.
Question 1. An anesthesia-led nurse sedation model could be comparable in safety compared to an anesthetist only model, which is the current standard of care. What would we need to ensure that any alternative model is designed with safety at the forefront? What elements are required for safe non-anesthetist led procedural sedation?
Question 2. Where does this service model fit with PS09? Do you think the PS09 is an appropriate guideline for procedural sedation?
Question 3. What level of supervision do you believe would be needed to ensure the safety and quality of nurse procedural sedation for elective colonoscopy patients?
Question 4. Refers to ANZCA levels of supervision. What training do you believe non-anesthetist clinicians need to be adequately trained in procedural sedation? i.e., masters level, in-house training, training associated with a university, hands-on/practical training, and simulation training.
Question 5. An anesthesia-led nurse sedation model could deliver procedural sedation in its entirety, including patient preparation and assessment and procedural and post-procedural requirements.
Could an appropriately trained registered nurse specialist complete all elements of procedural sedation required?
Question 6. Do you support the exploration of alternative service models in procedural sedation in an effort to meet demand in the current health economic climate? Have you considered alternative service models? Please comment on any benefits, challenges, or risks you foresee for an anesthesia-led nurse sedation model at our hospital.