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Table 1 Population-based estimates of prevalence for priority health conditions and their sources

From: A needs-based methodology to project physicians and nurses to 2030: the case of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Priority health condition Prevalence (%) Source
Ischemic heart disease 5.50 Al-Nozha et al. [21]
Cerebrovascular disease 0.65 GBD study 2017 [22]
Major depressive disorder 2.78 GBD study 2017 [22]
Diabetes mellitus 8.50 GASTAT 2018 [18]
COPD 2.40 Wali et al. [20]
Congenital anomalies 1.24 GBD study 2017 [22]
  1. COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, GASTAT General Authority for Statistics, GBD Global Burden of Disease