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Table 1 Complete search strategy for all databases

From: A systematic mapping review of factors associated with willingness to work under emergency condition

Database Search strategy
Pubmed (“health workforce”[tiab] OR “health personnel”[tiab] OR “health care worker”[tiab] OR “health personnel”[tiab] OR “health manpower”[tiab] OR nursing[tiab] OR “health care providers”[tiab] OR “healthcare staff”[tiab] OR “health professionals”[tiab]) AND (retention[tiab] OR detention[tiab] OR reservation[tiab] OR detainment[tiab] OR durability[tiab] OR permanence[tiab] OR persistence[tiab] OR recruitment[tiab] OR “personnel turnovers”[tiab] OR “personnel turnover”[tiab] OR willingness[tiab]) AND (disaster[tiab] OR pandemic[tiab] OR epidemic[tiab] OR “biological event”[tiab] OR “nuclear disaster”[tiab] OR “biological disaster”[tiab] OR “natural disaster”[tiab])
Embase (“Personnel Turnover” OR “Personnel Turnovers”: OR “Employee Turnover” OR “Employee Turnovers” OR “willingness to work” OR “willingness to response” AND (“health workforce” OR “Health Occupations Manpower” OR “Health Manpower” OR “personnel” OR “clinical staff”) AND (“disasters” OR “disaster planning” OR “emergency” OR “pandemic” OR “epidemic” OR “biological event” OR “nuclear event”
Web of Science (TS = (“Personnel Turnover”) OR TS = (“ Personnel Turnovers”) OR TS = (“Employee Turnover”) OR TS = (“Employee Turnovers”) OR TS = (“willingness to work”) OR TS = (“willingness to response”)) AND (TS = (“health workforce”) OR TS = (“Health Occupations Manpower”) OR TS = (“Health Manpower”) OR TS = (personnel) OR TS = (“clinical staff”)) AND (TS = (“disaster planning”) OR TS = (emergency) OR TS = (pandemic) OR TS = (epidemic) OR TS = (“biological event”) OR TS = (“nuclear event”))
Scopus (TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Personnel Turnover”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Personnel Turnovers”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Employee Turnover”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Employee Turnovers”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“willingness to work”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“willingness to response”)) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY(“health workforce”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Health Occupations Manpower”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“Health Manpower”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(personnel) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“clinical staff”)) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY(“disaster planning”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(emergency) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(pandemic) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(epidemic) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“biological event”) OR TITLE-ABS-KEY(“nuclear event”))