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Table 2 Key considerations for health policy-makers that arose from the literature review

From: A systematic mapping review of factors associated with willingness to work under emergency condition

Consideration Supporting literature
Rewards, safety, and high-level care make employees committed [13]
Psychological care and improving the working conditions of healthcare providers play an important role in staff sustainability [14, 15]
Ensure that personal protective equipment/vaccines and antiviral drugs are available to hospital staff
Risk assessment and designing training programs to respond to emergency
[16, 17]
Counseling and providing supportive and psychiatric care to health care providers and their family members [18]
Increase cooperation between governments and health service providers in attracting and retaining human resources for health [19]
Providing welfare and support facilities to the children of health workers [20, 21]
Effective leadership, providing the necessary resources in the shortest possible time [22]
Empowering health workers, especially nurses, in the face of emergency condition (crisis maneuvers) [23]
Existence of specific instructions for providing services in crisis situations
Existence of a crisis plan in a hospital or medical center
Supporting the career development of nurses
Increasing the authority and participation of nurses in critical situations
Existence of protocols for attracting and supporting volunteers and students [26]