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Table 1 Attributes and attributes levels for DCE choice questions

From: Job preferences of undergraduate pharmacy students in China: a discrete choice experiment

Attributes Definition Attributes levels
Monthly income Monthly income including salary, bonus and welfare benefits 3000 yuan
6000 yuan
9000 yuan
Work location Location refers to working in different regions Township or village
Work unit Work unit refers to the nature of your workplace. Public institutions such as hospitals, food and drug administration, etc.; foreign-funded enterprises include pure foreign-capital and sino-foreign joint ventures; State-owned enterprises include state-owned enterprises, central enterprises and so on; Private enterprises such as private medical enterprises Public institutions
Foreign-funded enterprises
State-owned enterprises
Private enterprises
Management style Management style refers to the understanding, support and adoption of the work and Suggestions of the employees by the company or leadership, as well as the degree of freedom of the employees in the work Semi-open management
Open management
Training opportunity Training opportunity refers to during the employment period to accept the company to provide a variety of skills training opportunity Insufficient
Years to promotion Years to promotion refers to the number of years required for promotion 5 years
2 years
  1. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data, the average annual exchange rate between US$ and CNY in 2017 was 1$ = 6.759 yuan