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Table 2 National health workforce account indicators by country

From: Global accreditation practices for accelerated medically trained clinicians: a view of five countries

Indicator number and name Ethiopia Ghana Kenya Malaysia Mongolia
3-01: Standards for the duration and content of education and training (Curriculum standards) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-02: Accreditation mechanisms for education and training institutions and their programmes (Responsibility for accreditation) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-03: Standards for social accountability (Process of the establishment of accreditation) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-04: Standards for social accountability effectively implemented (Accreditation process—stakeholders) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-05: Standards for social determinants of health (Community health component of the curriculum; scope of practice) Yes Yes Yes Partly Partly
3-06: Standards for interprofessional education (Ethical issues and professionalism) Yes Yes Yes Partly Partly
3-07: Agreement on accreditation standards (Approval, regulation, enforcement) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-08: Continuing professional development (Mandate for professional growth, professional association) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3-09: Continuing professional development and specialization training (Medical specialization, the scope of practice, levels of training) Yes Yes Yes Yes No