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Table 3 Accreditation practices by country

From: Global accreditation practices for accelerated medically trained clinicians: a view of five countries

Accreditation characteristic Ethiopia1 Ghana Kenya Malaysia Mongolia
Pre-service accreditation National accreditation board and professional regulatory body National accreditation board and the professional regulatory bodies Clinical Officers Council Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and Medical Assistants Board (MAB) National Council for Educational Accreditation
In-service accreditation Regional health bureau, the regulatory body which gives licenses Regulatory bodies Clinical Officers Council Ministry of Health National Center for Health Development of the Ministry of Health
Establishment of accreditation Government Government Government Government Government
Who is responsible for accreditation? Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA) National Accreditation Board and the Medical and Dental Council Clinical Officers Council, Ministry of Health Medical Assistants Board and Malaysian Qualifications Agency National Council for Educational Accreditation
  1. 1Review and update of standards were recently completed