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Table 4 Number of cadrewise NHPI recommendations compared with their deficit categories for AAAQ dimensions

From: Do health policies address the availability, accessibility, acceptability, and quality of human resources for health? Analysis over three decades of National Health Policy of India

  1983 2002 2017
Dimension Cadre Number of Recommendations Deficit category using Bhore threshold Cadre Number of Recommendations Deficit category using Bhore threshold Cadre Number of Recommendations Deficit category using HLEG threshold
Availability ANMa 0/3 Critical deficit Doctor 5/13 High deficit Doctor 15/33 Extreme surplus
Nurse 0/3 Critical deficit Nurse 4/13 Critical deficit Pharmacist 5/33 Moderate deficit
Dentist 0/3 Critical deficit Pharmacist 1/13 High deficit Nurse 2/33 Moderate deficit
Doctor 0/3 High deficit AYUSH 1/13 Dentist 0/33 Moderate deficit
Pharmacist 0/3 Moderate deficit Dentist 0/13 Critical deficit ANM 0/33 Moderate surplus
AYUSHc 0/3 ANM 0/13 Critical deficit AYUSH 0/33 Moderate surplus
Accessibility Doctor 1/4 Critical deficit Doctor 4/8 Critical deficit Doctor 15/36 Critical deficit
AYUSH 1/4 High deficit Nurse 1/8 Critical deficit AYUSH 4/36 Critical deficit
Nurse 0/4 Critical deficit Pharmacist 1/8 High deficit Pharmacist 3/36 High deficit
Dentist 0/4 Critical deficit Dentist 0/8 Critical deficit Nurse 2/36 High deficit
Pharmacist 0/4 High deficit AYUSH 0/8 High deficit ANM 1/36 Extreme surplus
ANM 0/4 High deficit ANM 0/8 High deficit Dentist 0/36 Critical deficit
Acceptability (cadre-mix) Nursing cadres d No acceptability-related recommendations Critical deficit Supporting cadres 1/5 High deficit Supporting cadres 4/10 High deficit
Supporting cadres e High deficit Nursing cadres 0/5 High deficit Nursing cadres 2/10 High deficit
Acceptability (sex-mix) Doctor No acceptability-related recommendations Critical deficit Doctor 1/5 Critical deficit Pharmacist 2/10 Critical deficit
Pharmacist Critical deficit Pharmacist 1/5 Critical deficit Doctor 2/10 High deficit
AYUSH Critical deficit AYUSH 0/5 Critical deficit AYUSH 1/10 Critical deficit
Dentist Critical deficit Dentist 0/5 High deficit Nurse 1/10 Extreme surplus
Nurse Extreme surplus Nurse 0/5 Extreme surplus Dentist 0/10 Moderate deficit
Quality Nursing cadres 0/6 Critical deficit Doctor 4/11 Moderate deficit Doctor 18/41 Low deficit
Pharmacist 0/6 High deficit Nursing cadres 3/11 High deficit Nursing cadres 6/41 High deficit
AYUSH 0/6 High deficit Pharmacist 2/11 High deficit Pharmacist 3/41 High deficit
Doctor 0/6 High deficit AYUSH 0/11 Moderate deficit AYUSH 1/41 Low deficit
Dentist 0/6 Moderate deficit Dentist 0/11 Low deficit Dentist 1/41 Low deficit
  1. ‘–’ indicates uncalculated deficit indices due to unavailable data. AvDs for AYUSH for the years 1981 and 2001 were not calculated due to the lack of requirement thresholds in the Bhore Committee Report. HRH deficit quartiles were classified as—critical (1 to 0.75), high (0.74 to 0.50), moderate (0.49 to 0.25), and low (0.24 to 0). The surplus was categorized as low (− 0.01 to − 0.24), moderate (− 0.25 to − 0.49), high (− 0.50 to − 0.74), and extreme (< − 0.75). AAAQ availability, accessibility, acceptability, aANM: Auxiliary Nurse-Midwife, cAYUSH: Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy, dNursing cadres include ANMs and nurses, eSupporting cadres include nursing cadres and pharmacists