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Table 1 Contested and unexplored challenges affecting CHWs in low- and middle-income countries

From: Contested notions of challenges affecting Community Health Workers in low- and middle-income countries informed by the Silences Framework

Challenges affecting CHWs Suggested pathways to address the challenges
Heavy workload and high expectations Routine assessment of the burden of CHW work
Paying attention to remuneration and career recognition of CHWs
Giving CHWs opportunities to engage in discussions concerning their work
Involving CHWs in planning and evaluation of their activities
More recognition of the role of CHWs in health systems
Religious and cultural practices Enhancing community involvement in the work of CHWs
Discussing with CHWs issues concerning religion and culture in the community
Supporting CHWs in working among communities with different cultural and religious beliefs
Gendered barriers of care Using a multi-dimensional approach while supporting the work of CHWs in communities
Understanding the dynamics of male and female influence in communities
Conducting more research on patriarchy and its impact on the performance of CHWs