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Table 2 Search strategy

From: Medical education interventions influencing physician distribution into underserved communities: a scoping review

Search Terms 1
“Physicians, Family” [MESH] OR “Physicians, Primary Care” [MESH] OR “General Practitioners” [MESH] OR “General Practitioners” [MESH] OR “General Practice” [MESH] OR “General practitioner*” [keyword] OR “Family practitioner*” [keyword] OR “Primary care practitioner*” [keyword] OR “Family physician*” [keyword] OR [Primary care physician*” [keyword] OR “family doctor*” [keyword] OR “Primary care doctor*” [keyword] OR “General practice physician*” [keyword] OR “general practice doctor” [keyword] AND “Education, Medical, Undergraduate” [MESH] OR “Education, Medical, Graduate” [MESH], “Residency training” [keyword] OR “Medical training” [keyword], OR “Clinical Clerkship” [MESH], OR “Family Medicine education” [keyword] OR “Preceptorship” [MESH] OR “Medical school admissions” [keyword] OR “School Admission Criteria” [MESH] AND “Professional Practice Location” [MESH] OR “practice location” [keyword] OR “rural practice*” [keyword] OR “urban practice*” [keyword] 2