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Table 1 Domains of the IM competency framework and related activities

From: WHO competency framework for health authorities and institutions to manage infodemics: its development and features

Domain (1) 1. Infodemic management
Competency statement Infodemic managers apply IM and the science of infodemiology to public health policies, programs and practice
Activity 1.1 Coordinate, facilitate and strengthen
Objective of the activity Promote and facilitate implementation of IM within institutions
Domain (2) 2. Prepare and monitor
Competency statement Infodemic managers use effective tools to listen to target audiences and have the skills to design and share appropriate information
Activity 2.1 Listen
Objective of the activity Listen, identify and understand population gaps, needs, behaviors and their determinants to develop more responsive health programs
Activity 2.2 Inform
Objective of the activity Proactively share accurate, credible and appropriate information to target audiences to increase awareness, to build and strengthen health literacy, and to promote healthy behaviors on health issues
Domain (3) 3. Detect and intervene
Competency statement Infodemic managers design, implement and evaluate interventions to promote resilience to misinformation and empower individuals and communities in exercising their right to access quality health information
Activity 3.1 Intervene
Objective Empower individuals and communities to mitigate harm of mis/disinformation
Activity 3.2 Counter
Objective Offer corrections in a timely way that match how the mis/disinformation is spread
Activity 3.3 Monitor
Objective Measure the impact of interventions and countering/correction strategies
Activity 3.4 Support
Objective Support individuals’ and communities’ resilience against mis/disinformation
Domain (4) 4. Strengthen
Competency framework Infodemic managers strengthen health systems to ensure healthier populations through a better IM in health emergencies and in regular contexts
Activity 4.1 Prepare
Objective Ensure that data-based insights and lessons learned from interventions are applied to prepare health systems with planning, processes and policies for IM
Activity 4.2 Ongoing monitoring and strategy refinement
Objective Implement regular and nimble feedback and a refinement process to adapt to the changing needs of the target populations
Activity 4.3 Building capacity
Objective Build IM capacity within institutions