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Table 1 Variables considered in the study’s regression models

From: What influences national and foreign physicians’ geographic distribution? An analysis of medical doctors’ residence location in Portugal

Variables from PMC database (aggregate individual level) Variables from INE database (aggregate municipality level)
Acronym Description Acronym Description
Phys_tot Absolute number of physicians (Portuguese and foreigner) Pop Absolute number of population
Phys_PT Absolute number of Portuguese physicians Beds_PC Number of beds per 1,000 inhabitants
Phys_F Absolute number of non-Portuguese physicians Nurses_PC Number of nurses per 1,000 inhabitants
Lang_1 Language (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Other) Foreign_PC Number of foreigners applying for residence in the municipality per 1,000 inhabitants
Metro Binary variable for Lisbon and Oporto metropolitan areas (1) Vs non-metropolitan areas (0) PP_PC Purchasing Power per capita
TH Binary variable for municipality with or neighbouring a teaching hospital (1) Vs municipalities far away from a teaching hospital (0) MDI Municipality Development Index