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Table 2 Types of key informants and interview topics explored (qualitative component)

From: Dentist education and labour market in Mexico: elements for policy definition

Type of key informant


Specific topic

Federal Secretary of Health decision-makers


· Human health resources training policy


· National HR (dentists) planning


· Coordination with other institutions


· HR (dentists) geographical distribution

Labour market

· Dentists’ national need assessment


· Dentists’ contracting policies in Mexico

State Ministry of Health decision-makers


· Role of educational institutions in dentist training

Labour market

· Role of institutional employers in dentist labour market (contracting, working conditions, salaries etc.)


· Role of collective actors (councils, colleges, associations, etc.) in the regulation of dentists

Social Security Institutions (IMSS and ISSSTE) decision-makers


· Role of IMSS and ISSSTE in HRHtraining


· Match between graduate profile and labour market


· Role of IMSS and ISSSTE as HRH employers

Labour market

· Health personnel hiring methods


· Health personnel development


· Education policies

Decision-Makersat Public and at Public and Private Educational Institutions


· Curricula


· Terminal efficiency


· Graduates


· Graduate profile

Labour Market

· Match between graduate profile and labour market


· Graduate entry into labour market


· Working conditions


· Professional certification (characteristics, periodicity)


· Program accreditation


· Interference in working arrangements

  1. HRH: Human resources for health; IMSS: Mexican Institute of Social Security; ISSSTE: Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers.