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Table 1 Characteristics and performance of HEWs in assisting births and referral services ( n =50)

From: Knowledge and performance of the Ethiopian health extension workers on antenatal and delivery care: a cross-sectional study

Characteristics and performance %
Years of working experience as HEW  
1 to 2 36
3 to 4 16
5 or more 48
HEWs with mobile phones 92
HEWs who received additional on job training on antenatal care, clean and safe delivery at least once 82
Performance of HEWs within 6 months prior to data collection  
HEWs who made a referral of pregnant woman at least once during antenatal care visits to health center 48
HEWs who made a referral of pregnant woman during labor or child birth to health center 54
HEWs who received professional assistance related to antenatal care or birth care from midwives at least once 20
HEWs who assisted at least one birth 92
Number of births assisted by HEWs ( mean, 5.82; median, 4.00)  
0 4
1 to 5 28
6 to 10 12
11 to 15 5
16 or more 1
Place of births at which HEWs assisted in births prior to data collection  
Did not assist 8
Health post 10
Home 82