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Table 2 Availability of facilities, supplies, and equipment at health posts ( n =39)

From: Knowledge and performance of the Ethiopian health extension workers on antenatal and delivery care: a cross-sectional study

Health posts with %
Functional fetoscope 100
Delivery kit 97
Vaccine carrier with at least four ice packs 97
Delivery couch 95
Functional thermometer 95
Functional blood pressure measuring apparatus 92
Misoprostol 90
Adequate syringes and needles, gloves 87
Log book 87
Anti-malaria drugs (Coartem) 72
Functional weighing scale 69
Antiseptics, alcohol, and savlon 59
Iron tablets 51
Fixed telephone 21
Safe water supply 5
Electricity 8
Protocols to aid HEWs for decision-making in antenatal care, delivery, postnatal care, and referral 0