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Table 2 Employment location and roles of child health nurses in Solomon Islands

From: Child health nurses in the Solomon Islands: lessons for the Pacific and other developing countries

Province Location Number Roles of the nurses
Nurses who had completed a post-graduate diploma outside Solomon Islands
Choiseul province Taro Hospital 2 Nurse 1: child health officer in province in charge of running MCH clinic at Taro, responsible for clinical care, community outreach, public health for example,collecting population-based data through the Family Health Card, and supervisingjunior staff.
    Nurse 2: nurse educator in charge of Choiseul province; coordinates all clinics andoutreach services with supervision from Provincial Medical Director.
  Remote area health centre 1 Nurse 3: sole clinician working in remote clinic (> 4 hours by boat from nearesthospital); responsible for clinical paediatric and midwifery care, liaises daily viatwo-way radio with Taro hospital for support.
Western Province Gizo Hospital 2 Nurse 4: clinical nurse in charge of children’s, midwifery and male wards;administrative and clinical supervisory duties.
    Nurse 5: clinical nurse instructor; supervises and teaches undergraduate nursing students on clinical rotation to children’s and midwifery wards.
Malaita Province Kil'ufi Hospital 2 Nurse 6: clinical nurse in charge of children’s, midwifery and emergency wards; predominantly administrative and management role.
    Nurse 7: charge nurse on children’s ward; responsible for management of ward, staff rostering, supervising junior staff and clinical care.
Makira/Ullawa Province Remote area health centre 1 Nurse 8: senior nurse at remote health centre, accessible only by boat (> 3 hours from provincial hospital). Responsible for clinical and public health care for paediatrics and midwifery and administration; liaises daily via two-way radio with Kirakira hospital for support.
Isabel Province Buala Hospital 2 Nurse 9: senior nurse in charge of clinical areas, children’s ward, midwifery and medical wards; administrative, management and clinical duties.
    Nurse 10: clinical nurse responsible for children’s ward and midwifery.
Central Province Tulaghi Hospital 1 Nurse 11: child health officer, responsible for child health for province, coordinates public health programme and outreach including EPI, clinical responsibilities in district hospital, supports junior nurses; clinic is 1 to 2 hours by boat to Honiara.
Guadalcanal Province Grove Hospital 1 Nurse 12: senior nurse in charge of divisional hospital clinical areas; clinical and administrative duties, had worked for many years as sole clinician at a remote area health centre 4 to 6 hours by boat and road from Honiara.
Honiara Children’s ward 1 Nurse 13: senior nurse in charge of children‘s ward, clinical, teaching, supervising, management and administrative duties; also provided clinical support to emergency department; had also completed distance course.
  Neonatal ward 1 Nurse 14: senior nurse in charge; administrative, clinical, management and supervising teaching duties.
  Ministry of Health nurseeducation unit 1 Nurse 15: education coordinator/nurse educator with senior teaching role; responsible for delivery of radio-based course for nurses in remote areas; planning, implementation and delivery of this curriculum.
  Solomon Islands Collegeof Higher Education 1 Nurse 16: senior nurse lecturer; responsible for delivery of undergraduate nursing curriculum, examining of students and assisting with post-graduate course delivery.
Nurses who had completed IPPC course by distance learning via University of Sydney
Honiara National Referral Hospital Children’s ward 5 Nurse 17: staff nurse in children’s ward; clinical responsibilities in acute setting.
    Nurse 18: staff nurse in children’s ward; clinical responsibilities in acute setting.
    Nurse 19: staff nurse in children’s ward; clinical responsibilities in acute setting.
    Nurse 20: staff nurse in children’s ward; clinical responsibilities in acute setting.
    Nurse 21: emergency and outpatients nurse.
Malaita Province Kilu'ufi Hospital 1 Nurse 22: clinical nurse consultant, senior nurse administrator; responsible for management and administration of children’s wards, emergency and midwifery and neonatal ward.