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Table 4 Organizations included in the survey

From: Trends of cross-border mobility of physicians and nurses between Portugal and Spain

Portuguese local health units and hospital Centers
Regional health administration Local health units and hospital centers Health units included Beds ( n) (2010) Physicians ( n) (2010)
North Nordeste Hospital Center Hospital of Bragança 435 143
Hospital of Macedo de Cavaleiros
Hospital of Mirandela
Center Cova da Beira Hospital Center Hospital of Fundão 342 153
Hospital of Pêro da Covilhã
Alentejo Local Health Unit of Norte Alentejano Hospital of Elvas 276 189
Hospital of Portalegre
Group of health centres (ACES) of São Mamede
Group of health centres (ACES) of Caia
Alentejo Local Health Unit of Baixo Alentejo Hospital of Beja 230 204
Hospital of Serpa
Group of health centres (ACES) of Baixo Alentejo
Spanish hospitals
Autonomous Community Hospitals Private / public Beds (n) (2010)  
Castilla y León Hospital of Santisima Trinidad, Salamanca Private 118 NA
Galicia Sanatorio of Santa María, Pontevedra Private 71 NA
Andalucía Juan Ramón Jimenez Hospital, Huelva Public 631 NA
Galicia Miguel Dominguez Hospital, Pontevedra Private 138 NA
  1. Note: Total Portuguese NHS capacity: 20,273 beds [19]; Total beds available in Spain, public and private sector: 160,981 [8].
  2. NA, not available.
  3. Source: [19, 20].