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Table 1 Public health context – British Columbia and Ontario

From: Public health human resources: a comparative analysis of policy documents in two Canadian provinces

Context British Columbia (BC)1 Ontario (ON)2
Public health structure Public health units are integrated within five geographical and one provincial health authority. Public health is integrated into the larger health care system. Public health is delivered by thirty-six individual public health unitseach with a board of health responsible for local programmes and service delivery within the larger health care system.
Governance Provincial government and regional health authorities. Provincial government and municipal governments.
Funding Provincial funding to health authorities. Provincial and municipal funding.
Provincial core policy Core public health functions framework, with 20 core programmes implementation of which is guided by evidence reviews and model core programme papers. Ontario public health standards with one foundational standard and 14 standards implementation of which is guided by protocols and guidelines.
Provincial public health agencies   
  Provincial health services authority, within which the British Columbia center for disease control is situated. Ontario agency for health protection and promotion (later renamed Public Health Ontario).
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