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Table 3 Negative effects of gender discrimination and inequality and positive effects of equal opportunity and gender equality

From: Time to address gender discrimination and inequality in the health workforce

Negative effects Positive effects
• Entry into health occupations impeded • Equal access to professional education, requisite skills, and knowledge
• Clogged health worker education pipeline • Increased health worker pipeline
• Workers' career progression impeded • Equal chance of being hired, fairly paid, and enjoying equal treatment and advancement opportunities
• Workers experience work/family conflict, low morale, stress, lower productivity • Female health workers better able to juggle life events
• Recruitment bottlenecks • Better work/life integration for all health workers, less stress
• Worker maldistribution • Better morale and productivity
• Workplaces experience absenteeism, attrition • Increased retention
• Limited pool of motivated health workers to deal with today’s health challenges • More health workers
  • More health services