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Table 2 Implications and consequences of the different scenarios

From: A scenario-planning approach to human resources for health: the case of community pharmacists in Portugal

  Scenario I Scenario II Scenario III
“Pharmacy-Mall” “e-Pharmacist” “Reorganize or Die”
Demand for community pharmacists • Decreases • Increases • Decreases
Main functions and responsibilities • Supervision of dispensing processes • Caregiver • Innovator/salesman
Main skills to acquire/improve • Leadership • Clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapy • Client management
• Human resources and pharmacy management skills • Marketing skills
  • Advanced information technologies • Sales techniques
• Pharmacovigilance   • Communication skills
• Information technologies • Teamwork abilities  
• Regulatory/reimbursement affairs
Primary health care integration • No integration • Multidisciplinary teams and polyclinics • In the local health units