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Table 2 Outline of the one-day training program

From: Evaluation of an inter-professional training program for student clinical supervision in Australia

One-day clinical supervision training overview
Morning session • Defining the purpose, scope, and reach of clinical supervision
• Supervision relationships, including:
Identifying the key features of productive supervision relationships
Consideration of the limits to supervision
Exploration of boundaries in supervision
Participants practising building supervision relationships
Feedback from peers on the simulated activity
• Learning styles and their influence in and on supervision, including participants exploring their learning style and the adjustments required in supervision when working with students with different learning styles
• Domains of supervision introduced:
Normative or administrative
Formative or educative
Restorative or supportive
• Considering the use of power and authority in supervision and through the use of the supervision domains
Afternoon session • Domains of supervision explored through:
Discussion on participants’ experiences of supervision domains
Consideration of how the domains intersect
Participants practising implementing the domains of supervision
Feedback from peers on the simulated activity
• Respectfully acknowledging and working with diversity and difference in clinical supervision
• Practising the provision of constructive feedback followed by feedback from peers on the simulated activity
• Practising ‘authentic’ and ‘challenging’ supervision conversations, including informing a student their performance is not meeting the required standard; this was followed by feedback from peers on the simulated activity
• Consolidation of learning with participants sharing ideas for their future supervision practice