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Table 1 Inclusion criteria for peer- and non-peer reviewed literature scoping

From: A scoping review of training and deployment policies for human resources for health for maternal, newborn, and child health in rural Africa

Aspect Criteria
Language of publication English, French, or Portuguese
Years published 1990–2013
Type of policy initiative Applied (i.e., not theoretical, but some evidence that the policy has been/continues to be implemented)
Country or countries of focus Any African country whose official languages include English, French, and/or Portuguese
Policy focus Training and/or deployment of providers as it pertains to rural health
Type(s) of providers Doctors, nurses, and/or midwives
Specific clinical focus Maternal-child health: reproductive health, pregnancy, birth, newborns, childhood disease, and adolescents
Jurisdictional focus International or national (e.g., not provincial or district-specific)
Types of data sources Policy documents, policy evaluations, professional protocols/clinical guidelines, literature reviews, peer-reviewed research related to policy implementation and/or evaluation