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Table 3 Summary of policies information from peer-reviewed publications

From: A scoping review of training and deployment policies for human resources for health for maternal, newborn, and child health in rural Africa

Policy type Name Country Provider(s)
Training Localized obstetric and gynaecology training Ghana Doctors
Life-saving skills Nigeria Midwives
Integrated management of childhood illness Uganda Doctors, nurses, midwives
Deployment Rural allowance policy South Africa Doctors, nurses
Occupation-specific dispensation incentive strategy South Africa Nurses
Financial incentive scheme Niger Doctors
Medicalization of rural areas Mali Doctors
Emergency hiring plan Kenya Doctors, nurses
Plan Cobra Senegal Doctors, nurses, midwives
Surgical camps Uganda Doctors
Community operation theatres Uganda Doctors
Training & Deployment Emergency human resources program (supporting the Essential Health Package) Malawi Doctors, nurses
10 year Strategic Plan for HRH Zambia Doctors, nurses, midwives
Rurally located medical schools Democratic Republic of the Congo Doctors
Two to four year compulsory service program (CSP) with graded salary, preference for post-grad (PG) specialization, textbooks, computer, degree, variable length of service incentives Ethiopia Doctors
One to three year CSP with PG specialization and scholarships incentives Ghana Doctors, nurses
Three year CSP with PG specialization and scholarships, career advancement incentives Kenya Doctors, nurses
One year CSP with graded salaries and housing incentives Lesotho Doctors
Two year CSP with housing and career advancement incentives. Mozambique Doctors, nurses, midwives
Two year CSP with graded salary and PG scholarship incentives Namibia Doctors
One year CSP with license, PG specialization, and career advancement incentives Nigeria Doctors, nurses, midwives
One year CSP with graded salary and license to practice in private sector incentives South Africa Doctors
Three year CSP with graded salary, housing, child education, loads, preference for PG specialization and scholarship incentives Zambia Doctors
Three year CSP with license to practice and preference for PG specialization incentives Zimbabwe Doctors
Embedded Decentralization Ghana Implicitly all
Decentralization Ethiopia Implicitly all
Decentralization by devolution Tanzania Implicitly all
Sector wide approach Tanzania Implicitly all
Millennium rural initiative Ethiopia Implicitly all
Rural health improvement program Niger Implicitly all
Child survival strategy Uganda Implicitly all
Accelerating the reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality Uganda Implicitly all
Sexual and reproductive health policy Rwanda Implicitly all
Facility-based childbirth policy Rwanda Implicitly all
Reproductive health service policy and standards Ghana Doctors, nurses, midwives
Cervical screening policy South Africa Nurses
Choice on termination of pregnancy act South Africa Doctors, nurses, midwives