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Table 1 Range of cadres assigned crucial tasks at a selection of ART sites responding to the ATSAP survey

From: Estimating health workforce needs for antiretroviral therapy in resource-limited settings

Task Sites
Eligibility MD N,C MD MD C MD MD,CO MD
Prescribe/initiate ART MD MD,MO MD MD MD MD MD,CO MD
Education MD,N,Ph N,C,CHW N,C MD MD,N,C MD,N,E,C   N,C
Adherence MD,N,Ph MD,N,MO,C, Ph, CHW N,C MD MD,N,C N,C,E N,P N,C
Follow-up (routine) MD MD,MO MD, N,C MD MD,N,C MD CO,N MD,N
Management complication/failure MD,N,Ph   MD MD MD MD MD,CO MD
Counselling MD,N, chaplain All     N,E,C   N,C
  1. MD: physician, MO: medical officer, CO: clinical officer, N: nurse, C: counsellor, E: educator, Ph: pharmacist or pharmacy technician, NC = nurse counsellor, P = PLWH, CHW: community health worker