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Table 2 Average score of factors motivating health workers (N = 367)

From: The match between motivation and performance management of health sector workers in Mali

Factor Average score
To feel responsible 5.7
To increase salary 3.5
To receive training 3.2
To be held responsible 2.6
To be appreciated 2.3
To receive recognition 2.2
To receive promotion 1.5
To receive incentives 1.5
To work within a team spirit 1.3
To receive financial benefits from user fees 0.9
To have your partner living near the workplace 0.7
To have good colleagues 0.7
Others 0.7
  1. Source: Survey for health workers (2001)
  2. Note: The most important factor scored 10 points and the remaining scored 8, 6, 4 and 2 points according to priority. If health workers had scored randomly, the average for each factor would have been 2.3 (SD = 0.17). "Feeling responsible" relates in this table to an internal feeling, whereas "be held responsible", "be appreciated" and "receive recognition" are related to actions by superiors, colleagues and patients.