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Table 1 Qualifications of the cadres who participated in FGDs

From: Improving motivation among primary health care workers in Tanzania: a health worker perspective

Cadre Award Years of training Qualifications for enrolment Number participating in FGDs overall
Clinical Officer (CO) (Medical Assistant) Diploma 3 Pre-service for form IV and VI leavers 8
Clinical Officer (CO) (Medical Assistant) Diploma 5 In-service for Rural Medical Aide – who upgraded. 8
*Rural Medical Aides (Assistant Clinical Officer) Certificate 2 In-service – on-the-job training 16
Mother and Child Health Aides (MCHA) Certificate 2 Pre-service course for form IV 7
Trained nurse midwife, grade B Midwife certificate 4 In-service 7
General nurse, grade A Nursing diploma 4 Pre-service for form IV 2
Medical attendant (Nurse auxiliary) Certificate 1 In-service for STD VII & form IV leavers 16
  1. Source: Ministry of Health (1995)
  2. * The government is no longer training Rural Medical Aides. For those working with PHCFs, the term used is Assistant Clinical Officer.