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Table 1 Objectives and contents of the four training modules

From: Appropriate training and retention of community doctors in rural areas: a case study from Mali

Clinical skills: the purpose was not to update clinical competencies, but rather to strengthen decision making capacity in remote contexts, characterised by limited equipment and referral opportunities; the module meant also to address continuity of care and patient-centeredness as characteristics of first line care.
Practice management: the module aimed at making participants acquainted with Malian laws and regulations related to health centre functioning, and with practical skills and tools related to financial management, human resource management, and drug management at health centre level.
Public health: the module aimed at strengthening abilities to deal with community health issues by articulating curative, preventive and promotional care, using the existing information system for self-evaluation and local planning, establishing dialogue with the community; a second objective was to increase participants' awareness of the role of first line and its relations with other actors within the Malian health care system.
Communication skills: the objective was to improve rural doctors' communication skills by making them reflect on their own communication style, and by increasing their awareness of the gaps between their own views and the views of the different actors with whom they interact: patients, communities and their representatives, staff members, local authorities, district health authorities... Topics included health and health seeking behaviour, patient-doctor communication, health education and teamwork