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Table 2 The search method applied in this review

From: Handling healthcare workforce planning with care: where do we stand?

Step Search method
1 Identify common search terms from reviews, books and technical papers
2 Generate plausible combinations of terms to be used for search using the key search terms identified
4 Search for these terms on PubMed, MEDLINE, Embase, ProQuest, Healthstar, ABI/Inform, INSPEC, Google Scholar and Scopus
5 Select a base set for the results consisting of the 20 papers (10 most cited, 5 most recent and 5 randomly chosen)
6 Match the abstract and perform a forward and backward search to verify the relevance of the paper for the selected base set
7 Exclude papers that address none of the topics covered, that only make a brief reference to the subject at hand or that are not written in English