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Table 1 Submission requirements and information supplied by participants

From: Snap shots from a photo competition: what does it reveal about close-to-community providers, gender and power in health systems?

Submission requirements Information supplied by participants
1. Size: at least 1 MB 1. Name of participant
2. Print resolution: 300 dpi 2. Participant’s email
3. Format: JPEG or tiff only 3. Participant’s phone
4. Landscape and portrait images are acceptable 4. Title of photograph
5. Although some digital enhancement is acceptable, we cannot accept images that have been digitally altered to change what is portrayed 5. Location (country and city/town/village where the photograph was taken)
  6. The date (if unknown, please provide the year) each photograph was taken
  7. The level of consent provided from any people pictured in the photo (see informed consent guidelines for more information)