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Table 7 Interventions included in the core sets for HPE students and faculty to counter caregiver discrimination

From: Integration of gender-transformative interventions into health professional education reform for the 21st century: implications of an expert review

  Core set for students Core set for faculty
Pregnancy • Pregnancy/maternity and parental leave • Pregnancy/maternity and parental leave (paid)
  • Continuation and reentry policies that do not require pregnant students to terminate their education • Pregnancy/maternity leave replacement funding to hire temporary replacements for employees on pregnancy/maternity leave to ensure continuity of instruction
Postpartum • Lactation breaks and spaces • Lactation breaks (paid) and spaces
  • Parental leave • Parental leave
  • Child care (daily and emergency) • Child care (daily and emergency)
  • Child care financial assistance (or at low cost) • Child care financial assistance (or at low cost)
  • Flexible training schedules, such as part-time schedules and reduced workloads • Flexible working hours
• Flexible tenure