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Table 1 Narrative themes

From: Scoping review about the professional integration of internationally educated health professionals

Major theme Definition Minor themes
Pre-immigration activities and programs The activities IEHPs undertake prior to migration and upon arrival to prepare for practicing their profession in Canada. ▪ Push and pull factors
▪ International recruitment
▪ Pre-immigration testing or verification
Early arrival activities and programs The activities IEHPs undertake upon arrival and the programs available to prepare them for practicing their profession in Canada. ▪ Arrival and system navigation
▪ Early arrival programs
▪ Health profession specific associations
Credential recognition and professional recertification The process IEHPs engage in to meet the requirements for registration with a professional regulatory college in Canada. ▪ Barriers and facilitators to IEHP professional recertification
▪ Stakeholders’ recognition of the barriers to IEHP professional recertification
▪ Programs and policies to facilitate IEHP professional recertification
Bridging and residency training programs Programs that provide educational, mentorship or clerkship opportunities to facilitate professional integration of IEHPs. ▪ Bridging programs
▪ Residency programs
▪ Direct to work bridging programs
▪ Facilitators and barriers of bridging and residency programs
Alternate paths to professional integration Examples of IEHPs pursuing integration via other professional roles or jobs. ▪ Alternate path for IMGS
▪ Alternate paths for IENs
▪ Alternate paths for other IEHPs
Workplace integration When IEHPs become members of a workgroup within an organization where they can use their professional knowledge and expertise. ▪ Practice profile of IEHPs
▪ Workplace discrimination
▪ Other facilitators and barriers
▪ Role of employers