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Table 5 Factors influencing motivation and job satisfaction among supervisors

From: Factors influencing motivation and job satisfaction among supervisors of community health workers in marginalized communities in South Africa

Levels of influence Motivating factors Hygiene factors
Motivators/satisfiers Demotivators Non-dissatisfiers (factors preventing dissatisfaction) Dissatisfiers (factors promoting dissatisfaction)
Community level • Nature of community work • Making a difference and community appreciation • Non-adherence to health advice among community members   • Working in crime-prevalent communities
Organizational/programme level • Promotion to supervisory position • Acquisition of management skills and experience • Participation in capacity building • And the development of programmes • Educational advancement opportunities Alienation from decision-making Salaries (supervisory position), retirement benefits, salary advances, financial support, educational loans and medical services • Remuneration for CHWs • Problems with material and logistical resources • Confronting job insecurity • Dealing with work-related stressors • Navigating the interface between CHWs and management
Policy level (government and donor agencies)     • Shortage of resources and funding for stipends and salaries • Challenges of partnering with government agency