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Table 6 Retention schemes

From: A systematic review of physician retirement planning

Subtheme Study
Flexible work hours: part-time employment options, gradual reduction, flexible hours or sabbatical, decreased on-call, relief of workload pressure Anderson [37]; Brett [51]; Davidson [52]; Eagles [30]; French [36]; French [23]; Hall [5]; Jacobsen and Eran [25]; Newton [26], 2004; Goldberg [57]
Minimal work barriers: less bureaucracy, increased staff, improved working conditions, support to maintain/update competencies, more time with patients Brett [51]; Davidson [52]; Eagles [30]; Kendell and Pearce [85]
Work satisfaction: professional/clinical freedom, attend conferences and rounds, office space, chances to develop or change content of their work (i.e., teaching opportunities) Brett [51]; Chambers [69]; Eagles [30]; Farley [39]; Hall [5]; Landon [49]
Health: continuing good or better than expected health at expected retirement age, strategies to reduce work-related stress, support prioritizing health Brett [51]; Davidson [52]; Draper [80]; Luce [7]; Pit and Hansen [16]
Finances: protected pensions, being highly paid, financial necessity Brett [51]; Davidson [52]; Eagles [30]; French [36]; Hall [5];