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Table 1 Gender breakdown of key leaders and managers at Charité, Karolinska Institutet, Oxford, and Vienna academic health centres, May 2016 (or latest available)

From: Closing the gender leadership gap: a multi-centre cross-country comparison of women in management and leadership in academic health centres in the European Union

Centre/enterprise Top level (boards) Middle-level (large units) Lower-level (smaller units)
Charité (Germany) Supervisory board: chair F, 6 M/6 F (>50% F)
Executive board: chair M, 3 M/1 F (25% F)
Directors of centres: 13 M/4 F (24% F) Directors of clinics/institutes: 82 M/23 F (22% F)
 Hospital Senior management team: CEO F, 2 M/2 F (50% F)   
 Universitya Faculty board: dean M, 4 M/1 F (20% F)   
Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) Hospital Board of directors: chair M, 6 M/5 F (45% F)
Management team: CEO M, 9 M/6 F (40% F)
Chiefs of divisions: 5 M/2 F (29%) Heads of departments: 36 M/39 F (52% F)
 University Board: chair M, 9 M/12 F (57% F)
Management team: vice-chancellor F, 3 M/3 F (50% F)
Heads of departments: 16 M/6 F (27% F) Variety of organisational structure; data not available
Oxford (United Kingdom) AHSC board: chair M, 4 M/1 F (20% F)   
 Hospitalb Board of directors: chair F, CEO M, 12 M/4 F (25% F) Directors of divisions: 5 M/0 F (0% F) Clinical directors: 11 M/7 F (39% F)
 University Chancellor: M
Council: vice-chancellor F, 18 M/8 F (31% F)
Medical sciences board: dean M, 14 M/7 F (33% F)
Medical sciences heads of departments: 15 M/2 F (12% F) Medical sciences directors of research institutes/centres/units: 18 M/7 F (28% F)
Vienna (Austria) Supervisory board: chair M, 4 M (0% F)
Management board: 2 M (0% F)
Heads of clinics, clinical institutes, centres, and special institutions: 35 M/8 F (19% F) Heads of departments and divisions: 67 M/22 F (25% F)
 Hospital Directors: CEO M, 2 M/3 F (60% F)   
 University Senate: chair M, 11 M/16 F (59% F)
Council: chair M, 3 M/2 F (40% F)
Rectorate: rector M, 3 M/2 F (40% F)
  1. Source: own calculations based on information from HR Officers, websites, and reports
  2. M male, F female, N/A not available, AHSC Academic Health Science Centre
  3. aSingle medical faculty serving Humboldt Universtität zu Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin
  4. bOxford University Hospitals National Health Service Trust