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Table 1 Illustration of method used to estimate the number of FTEs required to deliver external cephalic version (ECV)

From: The ‘Dream Team’ for sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn and adolescent health: an adjusted service target model to estimate the ideal mix of health care professionals to cover population need

Annual number of births (stage a: demographic data) 100 000
Prevalence of breech presentation at birth (stage a: epidemiological data) 4.3%
Annual number of breech presentations (stage a: demographic and epidemiological data) 4.3% of 100 000 = 4 300
Time required for one ECV (stage b) 107 mina
Total annual time required (stage c) 460 100 min = 7 668 h
Total annual FTEs required (stage d) 7 668/1 316 = 5.83 FTEs
  1. NB These data are for illustrative purposes only; they are not taken from a particular country
  2. aThe time includes preparation (ultrasound to confirm presentation), counselling and consent, foetal monitoring pre- and post-procedure, and follow-up