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Table 2 Aspects of PHC physician job satisfaction, definitions, percentage distributions, and article examples

From: A scoping analysis of the aspects of primary healthcare physician job satisfaction: facets relevant to the Indonesian system

No. Aspect Definition Percenta Examplesb
1 Physical working conditions Satisfaction with facility resources (e.g., medication, technology, laboratory and other diagnostic equipment) and practice location (e.g., practice workspace; geographical location; urban, rural, or remote area; whether physician lives in practice location, weather) 32.50 Satisfaction with laboratory equipment [42], electronic health records (EHR) [43], electronic patient files [44], workplace-practice location [9], building or room for practice [45], community and living near the practice location [46]
2 Overall job satisfaction Physicians’ level of general satisfaction 30.91 Overall job satisfaction [7]
3 Patient care/treatment Satisfaction with treatment model/program, therapy/medication, care provision for some diseases, promotive and preventive programs, clinical guidelines, supporting tools for diagnosis, own skill in treating patients’ health problems, presence of clinical problems, availability of clinical information, organization of specific therapeutic procedures related to therapy, and quality of care 21.59 Satisfaction with Geriatric Care Model for managing frail and older people with chronic diseases at home by a team in the Netherlands [47]; satisfaction with a Guided Care model for treating older patients with chronic diseases by a team in Baltimore-Washington, DC [48]; ability to treat mental diseases [49], and promotive and preventive programs for people with Intellectual Disabilities [50].
4 Referral Satisfaction with referral system, access to referrals, referral destination (other physicians, specialists, hospitals), relationship and communication with referral destination, facilities of referral destination, counter-referral system, waiting time for referral, variety and quality of referral destination in the area, and recommendation or outcome of referral destination 18.64 Satisfaction with the relationship with a hospital [51]
5 Relationship with colleagues Satisfaction with the relationship with colleagues (other physicians, medical and non-medical staff) or team members, availability, and capability of co-workers 14.55 Satisfaction with the relationship with colleagues, including subordinates and nurses [9], and with the availability of locum tenens [51]
6 Financial Satisfaction with current income, reward system, reimbursement from insurance, balance between income and workload, prediction of future income, market availability, and other financial benefits (e.g., health insurance, retirement, vacation, education, financing of continuing medical education [CME]). 12.95 Satisfaction with balance between income and workload [52] and with Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement [46]
7 Workload Satisfaction with number of patients, work pressure, and variety of work (e.g., administration, promotion, management, teaching, and research) 12.27 Satisfaction with promotion tasks, management, teaching [6], and administrative work for documentation [6, 46]
8 Time of work Satisfaction with work time, schedule, time management, time for taking care of patients, time outside of work (e.g., personal time, vacation, sick leave) 11.36 Satisfaction with time outside of work (sick leave and vacation or leisure time) [9]
9 Autonomy/freedom to choose own method of work Satisfaction with the extent to which physicians have autonomy to choose their method of work 9.32 Satisfaction with autonomy [11] and self-decisions in the job [52]
10 Recognition for good work Satisfaction with the extent to which physicians are appreciated by patients, colleagues, senior staff, managers, and the community 9.09 Satisfaction with appreciation by patients, colleagues, managers, and the community [53]
11 Opportunity to use abilities Satisfaction with the extent to which physicians can use their abilities in their work 7.27 Satisfaction with the opportunity to improve work capacity [52]
12 Relationship with patients, families, and communities Satisfaction with relationships with patients, patients’ family, and community, communication with the patient and families, patient and families involvement, attention, and satisfaction 6.59 Satisfaction with physicians’ contact with patients [11], consultations with parents, and family interventions [6]
13 PHC facility organization and management style Satisfaction with the organization of their practice, such as the administration and management, vision, relationship with managers, managers’ competence, and the financial aspects of the organization. 5.91 Satisfaction with the management system in the workplace and physicians’ immediate boss [54]
14 Education Satisfaction with previous education (e.g., residency training) and learning opportunities (training, congress, library access, professional consultation, CME). 5.00 Satisfaction with training residency [55] and learning or CME opportunities [10, 11]
15 Practice in medicine Satisfaction with practicing medicine and choosing their specialty 3.18 Satisfaction with practicing medicine [56] and the selection of specialty [57]
16 Promotion Satisfaction with opportunities for a promotion or career development 2.50 Satisfaction with the transparency of promotion path [58] and opportunity for promotion [54]
17 Personal life Satisfaction with their own life including balance between job and personal life 2.50 Satisfaction with balance between job and private life [52, 58]
18 Job security Satisfaction with the stability of their work 1.82 Satisfaction with job security [54] and stability of work [52]
19 Healthcare system/healthcare regulation/law Satisfaction with healthcare system (in general and for specific diseases), regulations regarding practice of medicine, and malpractice environment. 1.59 Satisfaction with malpractice environment and administrative requirements for the practice of medicine [57], healthcare system for mental diseases [59] and for people with intellectual disabilities [50]
20 Spouse and family satisfaction Physicians’ satisfaction with spouse and family satisfaction, specifically location, jobs for spouses, children’s education, social relationships, and quality of family life 1.36 Satisfaction with spouses’ satisfaction with practice location, physicians’ work life, spouses’ career, and closeness of extended family [46]
21 Stress-related work Satisfaction with their level of work stress 0.91 Satisfaction with the level of work stress [58]
22 Health insurer Satisfaction with the organization of the health insurance (e.g., communication) 0.23 Satisfaction with communication [60]
23 Job performance Satisfaction with their job achievement 0.23 Satisfaction with their job performance [56]
  1. aThe number of articles in each aspect divided by the total number of articles (440 in the review
  2. bExample of aspects in the reviewed articles