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Table 4 Written test sections/questions requiring additional review (the full question text can be found in Additional file 1)

From: Case study of a method of development of a selection process for community health workers in sub-Saharan Africa

Country Section/question Rationale for review Suggestions
Both Comprehension CHWs using own knowledge/experience to answer questions Keep as is; the instructions are to use the passage to answer the questions
Use a scenario about a topic no respondents would have knowledge or experience of (although this may make the scenario seem less relevant)
Both Situational judgement Respondents need clarity as to whether the question is asking would or should Use either would or should for all questions in this section
Malawi Q2 Poor discrimination—may be too complicated for CHWs Make slightly easier
Malawi Q8 Low facility and confusing as double negative Revise to make clearer
Malawi Q10 Poor discrimination—CHWs struggled to know that patients should be prioritised over training Discuss whether the “alternative” should be clearly of lower priority to attending to a sick child
Ghana Q10 Poor facility and not required in CHW role Make easier—use a calculation CHWs are required to do regularly on-the-job