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Table 2 Participants’ characteristics, timing of career decision, and places of work

From: Why do graduates choose to work in a less attractive specialty? A cross-sectional study on the role of personal values and expectations

Characteristics of participantsn%
Personal information  
- Married8047.9
- Have children6136.5
- Born in the countryside12273.1
PM preference when starting medical school  
- First choice10059.9
- Second choice6438.3
- No recall31.8
Places of work  
- Working in PM position8852.7
- Non-PM position in private or non-governmental organization3018.0
- Clinical doctor in hospital116.6
- Post-graduate student or working in medical school2011.9
- Outside health sector105.9
- Looking for employment84.8
Level of public health care organization  
- Central7846.6
- Province5734.1
- District3219.3
- Village00
Timing of decision about career choice  
- Before or at the time of graduation6941.3
- During first job3722.2
- Had not made a decision6136.5
Continuation in PM position  
- Yes9053.9
- No7746.1