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Table 1 Attributes and levels

From: Preferences of physicians for public and private sector work

Characteristic Levels of the characteristic
Change in earnings 20% increase
  No change
  20% decrease
Change in total hours worked 10% decrease
  No change
  10% increase
On-call arrangements 1 in 2, frequently called out
  1 in 4, frequently called out
  1 in 4, infrequently called out
  1 in 10, frequently called out
Percentage of time in private practice 10%
Teaching/research opportunities No teaching or research
  Some teaching
  Some research
  Some teaching and research
Time spent in administration 5%
Location Metro-based with option to visit regional communities
  Large regional centre
  1. Effects coding is used for the following attributes: on-call, teaching/research opportunities, and location. The teaching/research attribute, which consists of four levels, is dichotomised into none or some in the analysis presented here, because constructing the status quo accurately with all four levels was difficult. All the other attributes are treated as continuous variables, and a linear functional form in the respondents’ utility function is assumed